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When you use Google to search for something, if you look carefully you may notice that the pay-per-click ads are taking over more and more of the space on the page. They’re not only at the top of the listings, but also down the right side.

The ads are also blending in better, making it more difficult to tell where the ads stop and the organic listings start. In a survey done by SEOBook, 53.4% of people surveyed couldn’t tell whether or not a search results page had ads on it.

At the same time getting good rankings using SEO is becoming more difficult. Google is rolling out updates to their algorithm more quickly than ever before. They may be named for cute critters, but they affect a large number of websites.

Do you ever wonder what’s driving these changes? Would it surprise you to know that Google is a publicly-traded company and has the responsibility to make money for it’s shareholders? And the way it makes money is through AdWords, it’s pay-per-click ad platform. They don’t make any money on search traffic.

So how can you take advantage of these changes?

Ranking well in the search engine results is still important, particularly for informational keyword searches, such as ‘how fast can a cheetah run?’ But pay-per-click advertising beats the pants off organic listings for keywords with high commercial intent. In other words when someone is looking to hire a professional or to buy something online, they will click an ad nearly twice as often as an organic result.  These are RED HOT leads.

If you’re looking for prospects who are ready to buy – products or services – smart money says bet on PPC.

You can be at the top of the search engine results page for your best keywords within 48 hours using PPC. How long does it take to rank using SEO? It depends – sometimes fairly quickly and sometimes years, if ever.

Something else you might like to know – you pay AdWords for each click on your ad AFTERWARDS – meaning you have new customers bringing in money now and you pay later.

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