Reading list for 8/19/2013 – SEO tips

Whoop! Whoop! It’s Friday again and time to send some tips your way to help you build your business online.

This time we’re focusing on search engine optimization. Yep, SEO.

Have you been producing great content – engaging, timely and helpful? But you’re still not ranking high in the search engine results page (SERP)?

Maybe it’s time to tweak your content a bit. It needs to be written for your user rather than the search engines (now more than ever). But there are some things you can do to help the spiders do their jobs and earn a gold star for your website in the SERPs.

Here are some awesome articles to give you a start. But keep in mind, it’s best not to blindly follow advice. Sometimes doing something contrary works better. The only way to know for sure? Test!


How Google’s PageRank Algorithm Screwed the Online Writer (and What They Did to Fix It)

The first part of the post explains Google’s attempt to provide quality SERPs using Page Rank and how some marketers misused it.

The result? Lots of crappy content and artificial links.

Enter Google’s update – code name ‘Panda’ – and causing lots of sites to plummet in the rankings.

It’s helpful to understand what’s happened in the past, so you can improve in the future. However if you’re in a hurry just scroll down to the section titled ‘Your 20-point checklist for creating high-quality content.’ That’s where Demian boiled everything down to 20 rules for developing great content. As he says, print it out and post it near your desk as a reminder.


10 Super Easy SEO copywriting tips for improved link building

The Moz blog always has great content to help you with SEO, but I like this post a lot because it’s Super Easy! Some of the suggestions include using tried-and-true formulas for headlines, grabbing attention by using numbers, using power words, and designing your post for power skimmers using sub-headlines, lists, visuals and white space.


Why images matter to your content marketing

“Images grab attention. It’s human nature to gravitate to visuals before type…”

Try adding images to your content, including:

  • pictures of people, especially you and your employees so customers can get to know you or include pictures of happy customers enjoying your product or service
  • pictures of your products – imagine a picture of that frosty cold bottle of beer on a sultry summer day (made you thirsty, didn’t I?)
  • graphs and pie charts to help a visitor easily understand otherwise dry data


How to lose wait on your website by increasing page load speeds

Google uses page load speed to help determine ranking in the SERPs, although it’s probably not the most important factor they consider. However many visitors won’t stick around long enough to view a page that loads slowly. Instant gratification is often expected. This post shares some ideas to speed up your website.


That’s it for this time. Let me know which tips you’ve tried and how they did.


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