Social media

Social media is hot!

It’s much more than kids sharing everything in sight and grandparents sharing pictures of their grand babies. The growth is tremendous, but not everyone knows how to use it to help their business.

It’s very different from traditional marketing and requires a different mindset. Instead of pushing your products and services, you connect with people and help them with their problems.

Think of it as a chance to have a conversation with your customers.

Use it to find what they like and don’t like, what other products or services interest them, to fix any problems they’ve encountered and to just connect.

You can also use it to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in your industry.

And, yes, you can tell people about your products and services, but if you overdo the sales pitch you’ll find your followers quit following you.

How is social media different from traditional marketing?

Businesses are used to paying for ads and various types of marketing to gain the attention of customers and potential customers. It’s all about controlling the message being pushed out to them.

Social media, however, is a two-way street involving creating content that encourages comments and sharing. It also enables continuing contact. You may not see your customers in person every week, but they can see your regular updates on social media.

So are you ready to be social or will you watch from the sidelines as your competition swoops up your customers?

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